Principal Message

Principal Message

Children are the sparks. They are like the caterpillars who have phased out of their initial stages and some are still in the phases moving forward. Over years they have to grow and grow enough, to the extent that they have to become responsible individuals like most grown ups. So it is very much required that they get good food, good care, good learning and much more.

We at Bradford International School assure you of quantitative and qualitative education. In last few years with the increasing globalization and arrival of modern lifestyle it has become all the more important that our children are conversant enough in the English language. So we have taken initiative in building English speaking courses. There are multiple practice speeches which are prepared. Student’s will be taken through all these training which will train them in fluent English speaking.

Mr. Bharat Bhushan


In today’s world we have cut throat competition. Nowadays educating a child isn’t enough. To educate a child under strict observation is very important. Preparing individualistic facilities for student’s in order to get their best needs a lot of work. As an school we are offering ample opportunities to our student’s for their physical, moral and emotional development.

We have a team of qualified faculties expert at their respective subjects giving optimum academic inputs and guiding students. Enough of attention is given so that the child understands the finer details of problems. There are exercises taken for the students gradewise in order to ensure they develop problem solving skills.

We have oriented our teaching specially emphasizing on certain aspects a little more. For language emphasis is on vocabulary building, grammar, usage and speaking capacity building. For mathematics apart from the calculations additional emphasis is on problem solving skills. Scientific approaches with hands on experience is provided which makes learning science lively and interesting to the students.

With the arrival of IOT (internet of things) there has been a lot of opportunities for students to experiment and create new and new gadgets. What was usual within the boundary of a few (research) in the industries alone is now available for masses and there are these most creative entities – the children. So we have expanded the infrastructure and created a Hands on Robotic Lab. School also has a plan of introducing ATAL Tinkering Labs in future.

These students are like seeds. After soil preparation, seed is planted and then watering of plant is done. Once the seed germinates, fencing around is provided to protect it from predators. Similarly the seedlike child is brought to the school and proper learning and value education is provided. It is ensured that the student not only learns values and text externally but internalizes them. Conducive environment is made available where the student gets to explore a lot of horizon without any kind of fear or favor and thus he/she learns to the maximum extent.

The aim of the school is to develop intellectual abilities of all its students along with inculcation of a sense of discipline and building up a strong passion and determination to do their best and compete with the best, the attributes that are essential for any child to meet the challenges of contemporary society.

In addition to promoting academic brilliance, the Bradford International School is committed to the growth of moral character of all its students. We lay great emphasis on imbibing amongst its students the great Indian values of honesty and truthfulness, care and compassion for the needy, love and respectfor the elders and a good understanding ofoursociai customs and traditions.

We endeavour to provide a conducive, stimulating and a nurturing environment to all our students with genuine concern for each one's needs which is so very important for a unfettered growth of a child's faculties with constant monitoring and guidance by all our teachers who are specially trained in Child Psychology and Adolescent Behaviour.